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 To me, this whole thing is incredibly daunting. Apparently you're supposed to do something that scares you every day, and quite frankly, this scares the shit out of me. I've to'd and fro'd with the idea of starting my own blog for years and each time i've shied away and scurried back to the confines of blog reader.

In all honesty, I'm not really sure what I want this to be. I'd imagine an eclectic mix of beauty, food, fashion (this idea makes me cringe a lot as I totally don't consider myself fashun enough in comparison to some of the blogs out there) and just my general take on life-y things. Basically, a lil mix of everything, my edit of it all. I'm soon to enter my final year studying a History degree, and as much as LOVE (heavy sarcasm) writing 10384 3,000 word essays each semester, i'm super excited to have my very own place to write whatever I fancy - a kind of outlet I suppose.

Okay, so basics. I'm twenty years old, I look about fourteen, people often think I am. I was asked by a women a few weeks ago whether I was on school study leave and I firmly believe that said women assumed I was probably sitting my fourth year exams. Ha. I live in Scotland. As I mentioned, I'm a history student, which people also often find surprising because I'm ditsy af and most often the only student on my course to waltz into a lecture (most usually late) fake tanned, hair curled and a full face. I'm not gonna talk about hobbies because that is my most dreaded question, I envy anybody who can answer that question immediately and with an actual answer. I'm a libra, if that means anything. I own a lot more nudey pinky lipsticks than probably necessary. I'd quite happily live off macaroni cheese for the rest of my life. If I could choose to wear only one brand of makeup it would hands down be Charlotte Tilbury, everything that women makes is perfection. Uuuuuhm.

I don't reaaaally know where to else to go with the rest of this post. It feels like that point on a really bad first date, where you've covered all the basics and now you're not entirely sure where to take the conversation next.

Anyway, I've got a few ideas for potential future blog posts, so come back again, pls.


  1. So glad you finally ( and I mean finally ! never known a girl procrastinate like you can !) took the plunge and got started with your blog, look forward to seeing your next post x

  2. Starting out a blog is scary, but once you get in the hang of things, it's all good. I remember when I was in your place just a couple years ago. I started my blog in middle school. But I wish you the best of luck, and you sound pretty interesting so I'll be sure to follow you along on your journey.

    1. It's so scary! Thank you very much Courtney! x


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