"Jeans and A Nice Top"

Just want to say before I start this post that various things about the above photo really annoy me. The plug, the wardrobe slightly ajar, the lining of my jean pocket hanging out. I'm going to pass it off as keeping it real. Anyway, here I am, first proper post and writing something clothes related, which is a surprise, I must say. However, a moment of appreciation for Zara and these bell sleeves please. I'm so obsessed. I bought this top a few months back and didn't get a lot of wear out of it but as its not (quite) as cold as it was, its now my go-to for those "jeans and a nice top" kind of occasions. You know the one, that age old dilemma where you wanna go casual, but not too casual, dressy, but not too dressy - and jeans and a nice top is the perfect solution. However, trying to find that "nice top" is another question. Anyway, enter my current favourite addition to my wardrobe, which to me, is that "nice top" top. The tie at the front isn't actually supposed to be worn like that, the top comes with loops to thread it and tie it round the back. However, not one to ever have the guts (or the washboard stomach, cry) to expose more than a bit of midriff I opted to tie it round the front instead.

Not forgetting the jeans, they're from Zara too and I love them. They are the first pair of jeans I've owned in years that aren't a)  high-waisted, b) black or c) from Topshop. I love the frayed cut-off detail around the ankle, especially so paired with heels. Mine are from River Island and basically seem to go with everything.

Jeans - Zara - Zara has loads of similar frayed jeans at the moment (and lots in sale!!!) -  Jeans as above |Jeans (Very Similar) | Jeans (also similar!) 
Shoes - As above

Ps: thank you to my friends and fam who sent me the cutest messages after my last post and are probably very thankful that I've FINALLY given this blogging thing a go after years of talking of about it. If I know you, or if I don't, thank you very much for reading x 


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