The Charlotte Tilbury Edit: Ten Products You Need

Ask anyone who knows me and they probably wouldn't hesitate if asked my favourite makeup brand. Charlotte Tilbury, all day long, duh. It was around four years ago I discovered Charlotte (we're on first name basis, apparently) after stumbling across her videos on Youtube, before the empire that is now her makeup line. I remember watching and reading interviews with her and the mystery that surrounded her top-secret magic cream, which at that point was mixed by her assistant and used on her a-star clients but remained an industry secret - a far cry from the global success of her Magic Cream today. Anyway, I was totally sold and when she finally launched her makeup line in August 2013 I was all over it. I actually remember one of my very first purchases was the lipstick print makeup bag which I loved so much I tried to machine wash it. Genuinely. I've tried a fair few products from the line now and as its almost a whole four years since my love for the brand began I've put together my edit of the best Charlotte Tilbury Products. (L-R)

1. Filmstar Bronze and Glow, £49
The most blendable, buttery, not too orange, not too dark bronzer and highlighter thats pure shimmer, not glittery at all on the skin. One thing I would point out though is that they are rather fragile, mine shattered after a few months and I've heard of this happening to others. Still useable and loved but just something to bear in mind.

2. Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil, £19
So, so easy and literally just glide on but don't budge. Champagne Diamonds is a must as a super easy inner eye highlighter, or Amber Haze or Smokey Emerald for a smokier look get my vote.

3. Magical Mini Makeup Brush Set, £45
A great way to sample some of the brushes is in this super cute lil set. Each brush makes blending a dream and they come in the cutest mini leather case. I'm definitely considering purchasing some full sized brushes after trying them, the blending brush and powder brush in particular.

4. Scent of a Dream, £68 (50ml)
Apparently this scent is "The Key to Attraction", and whilst I'm not 100% sold on that (I'd like to think that other factors play some sort of role, I don't know, personality etc), it smells incredible. For me, I wear it more as a night time scent, but its not too heavy or overpowering. Well worth the splurge, plus, like all Tilbury products, looks beaut sitting on your dressing table.

5. The Dolce Vita and The Uptown Girl Eyeshadow Palette, £49
The eyeshadow quads are dreaaamy. I've got two and I need more. The highlight colour is often my go to for everyday, and the glittery colours that come in each palette are my favourite for layering on top of others. So super easy and (obviously) each colour complements each other beautifully. Highly, highly recommend. The Dolce Vita you need.

6. Charlottes Magic Cream, £70 (50ml)
I lusted after the magic cream for years but it is oh so pricey. However, my babe of a Mum finally gave me this for christmas and I love it. Admittedly, I don't use this daily. For the price, I feel like I can't justify it. But, every time I use it irks me that I don't use it all the time because it makes my skin look and feel fab, and that's coming from a gal with the driest of dry skin. I do, however, wish it had a bit of a nicer scent, it kinda smells like suncream to me. If you're looking for a super luxe moisturiser though, a cult product, and something that hydrates, makes you glow glow glow and sits perfectly under makeup, I'd wholeheartedly say go for it.

7. Matte Revolution Lipstick, £24
Probably the best product to go for if you're new to the brand. The rose gold packaging *heart eye emojis* had me sold, and the mattes I love because they aren't drying at all. I sadly discovered whilst writing this post that I have lost my favourite of them all, Pillow Talk. Its constantly sold out, I managed to get mine in the Covent Garden flagship store so consider yourself lucky if you have managed to get your hands on it. Everyone describes Pillow Talk as a nude, however on me its more of a kind of rosy pink. Regardless, I love it. I also love Stoned Rose, Very Victoria and Bitch Perfect. My most neglected of the lot is probably Hot Emily, the most vibrant orangey coral colour. Yes, I bought it for the name. Do I wear it? No.

8. Light Wonder Foundation, £32
Don't be deceived by the name, its surprisingly fuller coverage than the name would suggest. Super duper glowy and melts onto the skin, probably the most luminous high-end foundation I own. It lasts well and is so build able, dial it up or down depending on how much coverage you want.

9. Supermodel Body Shimmer, £45
 "Dream body without the workout" is what sucked me right in, and whilst I'm still waiting for abs and super toned legs to appear, there's no denying the glow this gives. It basically leaves you as a shimmering, bronzed, glossy goddess. It's also so easy and faff-free to apply with the rollerball applicator, and unlike other body highlighters, is so hydrating.

10. Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk, £16
A must for anyone who loves to over-line or re-shape their lips. I over-line my lips everyday, if i don't my top lip is pretty much non-existent. These are so creamy and easy to use and the Pillow Talk shade, as you know, is my absolute favourite.

In terms of lusts, I'm hugely coveting the Instant Look in a Palette, the Magic Sheet Masks and Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder because everyone (Kim KW included) raves about it.

Here's me glowing thanks to the Filmstar Bronze and Glow, practically bathed in Supermodel body and wearing a rose gold dress that upon reflection, makes me look like a human charlotte tilbury lipstick. Just me? (probably)

Thank you very much for reading my mammoth post. What's your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product? Alwaaays open to recommendations, even if my bank balance probably isn't.

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  1. These products sound so good! The light wonder foundation sounds really nice.

  2. I don't own any Charlotte Tilbury make-up but after this post i feel like i need to make a few purchases :)

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