Summer Essentials

Writing this post from drizzly Aberdeen is a little depressing, I will admit. Summer here has essentially been non-existent, much to my dismay as I love the heat, the sun, and obviously, sun-kissed skin. Genuinely. a tan that doesn't come from a bottle is a novelty to me. In an attempt to harness some form of summer I thought I'd put together a post of my holiday essentials after returning from a family holiday on Friday and reality hitting me hard, I suppose I can kind of relive it? 

Turkey, admittedly, isn't #1 on my travel bucket-list but we stayed not far from Marmaris in a resort that scenery wise, was one of the nicest hotels I've stayed at. I've been lucky to travel to many places over the years and this year did not disappoint. I spent my days lounging by the pool, floating about in the incredibly turquoise sea, drinking ros√© and one day, hired a boat to travel around the coast. We stopped at little coves and deserted beaches along the way and it was probably my favourite day of the entire holiday. I also have to mention my traditional Turkish bath experience, where you lie on a warm marble surface and rinsed with warm water, honey, oils and massaged and lathered with bubbles. Dreamy, if only every bath experience could follow suit. 


Statement tee's are an essential, and this one from Pretty Little Thing was one of my favourite items from my holiday wardrobe, and was only £8! (Ignore my wrinkly 'ol belly button)


I treated myself to these Ray Bans in World Duty Free at the airport as I've had my eye on this style forever now. I was worried until I tried them on that I'd look a bit three blind mice-esque but on they are so flattering. If you're swaying like me, I'd definitely say go for it! Timeless, and don't even get me started on that copper frame. (link)


A good setting spray is a must and I grabbed this one from Glam Glow before I went away. I love it for giving some extra glow to my makeup and is worth purchasing purely for the sweetest, bordering Britney Spears Fantasy (anyone else obsessed with that as a child?!), scent and its super fine mist. Also. leaving your setting spray in the fridge is cooling game changer, win-win. (link)



I don't read nearly enough and for me, university has stripped any joy away from reading as I feel i'm constantly drowning in endless required reading lists that reading something a little more light-hearted is something that just isn't a priority. I read Sophie Kinsella's My Not So Perfect Life (relatable but meh) and Joanna Cannon's The Trouble with Goats and Sheep which I loved. Totally different and written beautifully. 




I challenge you to find anyone look so effortlessly glamorous jumping off a boat...

I bought this swimsuit in a total panic right before I went away after realising I didn't have a one-piece to take away with me. It's a Primark number and I've got to say, I actually love it. At only £5, it fit nicely and I love the scoop back. Bargain. 




Let me know your summer essentials - thanks for reading x


  1. All these things sound so good!


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