The August Edit

I wanted to make this a kind of monthly thing where I essentially round up things I've been loving throughout the month, not the most original idea, I know, but monthly round-ups are some of my favourite posts to read and so I thought I'd give it a go myself. (Hopefully) I'll post a monthly edit towards the end of each month, but rather than write purely about beauty, I want to include a variety of things as believe it or not, this gal thinks about more than just pretty highlighters and eyeshadow palettes. Undeniably, they do take it a lot of brain space though (have you seen the new Charlotte Tilbury highlight/contour sticks - neeeeeed), I don't want this blog to be limited to just beauty bumf as I love reading, and writing, about a mix of things.

Starting a job at a makeup counter towards the end of July was a definite favourite, as I've wanted to work within the industry for as long as I can remember. I'm proud as punch for actually getting the job, it was a pretty intense interview and application process that I left feeling like I'd given my all but, in typical me fashion, didn't actually expect to get the job. I really do need to stop under-estimating myself. Whilst I still have a lot to learn and a lot more training to get under my belt, six weeks in I feel like I'm starting to get to grips with it all. A definite highlight of August.

Whilst I've been working lots, I've had time to do some lovely things too. Luckily, myself and Andrew (my boyfriend, "bae", generally great person) have had at least two entirely free days each week and we've definitely made the most of it - we've been eating out lots and trying new restaurants, cooking lots, going for long walks, beach/park days on the occasional sunny day, cocktails and numerous bottles of wine, (mainly me dragging Andrew) shopping and just generally actually enjoying being in Aberdeen. Up until this summer, I've never actually spent any non-uni time in Aberdeen, usually as soon as term ends I'm straight back home. However, I've actually really enjoyed spending my summer in Aberdeen and exploring new places before I graduate next summer.

Of course I have to make note of my favourite beauty bits of the month, hiya Urban Decay Naked Heat (review HERE), Glam Glow Glowsetter spray (also a mini review HERE), Nyx Angel Veil Primer, (I'll get round to reviewing this soon!), accent nails and trying to embrace a less-is-more makeup look/spending less time getting ready.

As always, I'm reading lots of blog posts and my favourites from August include Sophie Milner's Do I spend too long trying to look good? (no prizes for guessing what spurred on my minimalist makeup routine) and Ten Things I'd Write in my Tinder Bio if I was being Brutally Honest and Hannah Gale's The Reality of Living Away from Friends and Family.

TV wise I'm living for Power each Monday (despite my resentment for the fact that they only release one episode each week because quite frankly I need more than one hour of Ghost and Tommy.)

Thank you for reading! 


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