The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Everyone and their Mum seems to have got their hands on this palette, it's everywhere. It wasn't until earlier this month that it released in the U.K, and by that point I'd seen it so frequently online that I felt like it was already mine, purchasing it was a total no-brainer. In a nutshell, if you love warm, orangey tones on your eyes, you need this palette. 

I haven't been this excited about a palette in a while, it bought back all sorts of 2010 memories and the hysteria that surrounded the original Naked palette. I remember buying mine on an EasyJet flight (random, I know) back when it came with a mini primer potion and thirteen year old me watching every Naked palette tutorial under sun and (trying) to re-create the looks. 



As aesthetics go, it's oh so pleasing on the eye and what I love is that every colour is so wearable. I'm a real culprit of buying palettes and finding three or four shades that I wear religiously, and subsequently neglecting the rest. But with this, I've found myself using more shades already than I typically would. I think I might even be branching out with my usual shadow choices, (I'm clearly as crazy as ever). If I had to pinpoint some of my favourites though, it would be Sauced (perfect transition colour),  He Devil (dark burnt orange), Dirty Talk (an orangey, almost copper shade) and En Fuengo (a matte burgundy that's perfect for darkening without actually being dark - if you know, you know). Ounce (the cream matte) works for setting concealer/primer, but isn't overly great for highlighting. I find all the shadows to be blendable, although don't count on the brush included to do any of the work, it's a bit shit. 

The mirror is a huge, the shadows last all the day (on me, anyway) and I love the mix of mattes and shimmers - all a thumbs up from me. A word of warning though, all the shadows definitely lean towards the red/orangey side of warm, so if you're not a fan, this probably isn't one for you. 


  1. Waiting this palette to launch in Vienna, great post!

    1. It is so worth the hype! Thank you so much x

  2. I haven't tried it yet, but the shades are so stunning and pretty! :)

    Anika xo |


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