Hygge Hygge Hygge (Can't you see)

The title for this post has just came to me and I have to say I'm rather proud of it. I'm not entirely sure if its totally original, but for now I'm under the illusion that it is and so I shall continue to tell myself this and congratulate me for my (brief) moment of genius-ness.

The clocks went back last week and whilst I cherished an extra hour in bed, the 4pm darkness, not so much. Halloween has past, and as I write this its the 5th of November. Now whilst I'm not quite at christmas song playing stage *just* yet, I'm so embracing the hygge.

If you don't know what hygge is, its basically an idea inspired the Danish, whom if you didn't know, are the happiest people in the world. There, they fully the embrace the idea of cherishing a moment where you feel truly and utterly cosy. Hygge doesn't have a direct english translation, but if it did, it would probably be something along the lines of cosy, comforted, happy and content. The Danish promote this idea all year round, but for me, I get my hygge on(?) in Winter.

Now, whilst you don't necessarily need anything to feel hygge, there's certain things that help get you feeling super cosy. Here's my top five hygge essentials:

1) Candles
Obvious, but so necessary. I have a rule about never lighting a candle in a messy room because everything about it to me feels so wrong. And a clean space will only induce your hygge-ness too, even if you do find yourself tidying your room/flat/house/wherever purely to light one. Also, a candle lit bath is everything. I recently purchased the Enchanted candle from Neom Candles and it is dreamy, as it their Happiness candle. (Link!)

2)Fairy lights
Another obvious one, but I'm all for that ambience. Anyone who puts the big light on after 8pm is doing it wrong. Mood lighting, jeeeeez.

3)A cosy book and/or film
You know the ones I mean, the book or film or tv series that just makes you feel so content and cosy?

4)A hot drink
Calories don't count if you drink them so get yourself a big 'ol hot chocolate, a glass of wine, or a gin and tonic.

5) Cosy food
 Cosy, indulgent food. Like baked camembert and crusty bread to me are all kinds of hygge.

6) Insanely comfy loungewear/pyjamas
There's literally a word for this in Danish, Hyggebukser. When you get home and make yourself look as publicly unacceptable as possible, those clothes you throw on that are next-level comfy but that you'd never venture out in - those. Hair up, bra off and makeup removed should follow.

Thank you for reading! I hope this makes you feel just that lil bit more cosy this winter x


  1. I love everything about hygge! It's a concept that I definitely get on board with! x


    1. I love everything about it too, its such a nice idea! X

  2. Looks so relaxing!!


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