I was a little apprehensive at first to share my 2017 highlights, mainly because I felt that I hadn’t done anything of huge significance. Whilst I loved looking through people’s Instagram stories of high points from their year, it made me feel a little insecure to share my own because I felt in comparison mine were small, and frankly, insignificant. And to be fair, they probably are. I didn’t go to another continent, nor did achieve anything-spectacular uni wise. But, I did get to do several things that made me very, very happy indeed and all in all, I feel 2017 has been good to me. So, self-indulgence got the better, and as a new years resolution of mine to spend more time on this lil blog, I thought I’d share my favourite things of the year that I can look back on in years to come.

PS, if you’re reading this thinking that I’m oh so incredibly narcissistic for including pictures of only myself, I’m not (okay, maybe slightly), I just thought others might not appreciate their face being posted on here.

Starting off the year with a spa break at Auchrannie Resort on the Isle Of Arran and it was one of the most relaxing, content weekends ever.
Accidentally agreeing to trade in my cute lil car for the ugliest car ever (thank god for twenty four hour grace periods), car, I won’t betray you like that again.
Catch-ups over cocktails and food, a running theme throughout much of the year, and quite frankly, one of my favourite things to do.

Making the absolute most of candle lit baths every time I went home, and reading Sali Hughes Pretty Iconic from cover to cover in one day.
Visiting London and my family who live down there. Obviously paying a trip to the Mothership (Selfridges beauty hall and Charlotte Tilbury flagship in Covent Garden.)

Eating and making alllll the food (another running theme throughout 2017), here’s just a small few of my faves. I’m such a foodie, and consequently I’m permanently telling myself that my tummy is just a food baby (the scales do not concur.)

Again, more food. Baked camembert is the way to my heart.
Attending lots of 21st’s and getting dressed up.
Becoming fully obsessed with the Naked Heat palette and still even now reaching for it daily.

Exploring new places in summer and making the most of the (few) sunny days, meaning beach barbeques and walks.
Spending time with the best fam on holiday, reading books and drinking cheap questionable cocktails in Turkey.

Spending my 21st birthday with Andrew in Glasgow for a night of cocktails at The Spiritualist, steaks at Miller and Carter and staying at The Malmaison, and of course, pizza at Paesano and shopping the next day. The most perfect day/night.
Getting the Gucci bag of my dreams, I'd lusted over it for SO long.

A surprise cocktail making class organised by my friends for my birthday.
Being lucky enough to travel to London again for three nights for work training at The Estee Lauder Companies headquarters.

Essays and exams and general final year hell.
Spending far too much time in the library, which hopefully will have been worthwhile

And that’s it, 2017. Another quick scroll through my camera roll and I feel I may have missed quite a few things, but you get the jist. Obviously, the more shitty elements of 2017 aren't here. Nevertheless, a glass of prosecco in hand (what work tomorrow?) and I’m super excited for 2018 x


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