Oh, hi (again)

It's been a whole ten months since my last post and so it seems only right since I attempt to get my blog back up and running regularly (ish) that I'd say where the hell I've been. When I started my blog  I had more time over summer to dedicate to writing posts, September ensued and my fourth and final year of uni hit hard.

My time from that point onwards was consumed by uni and the joys (read: never-ending work and stress) of the final year of my History honours degree. Between studying and sitting exams worth 100% of my entire grade, numerous essays and assignments thrown us at that that were entirely different from anything I'd undertaken in my previous uni years, it was a rather stressful time.

And to finish it all off, the cherry on the final year cake, dissertation. I might actually do a university related post on my experience, so any questions please do let me know. But basically, what I'm getting at here is that my blog very much took a back seat as uni consumed everything. I'd once upon a time planned on a post or two a week (lol).

Anyway, I'm now officially a graduate (say what?) and graduated with a First Class in my degree which to be honest, is still a total pinch me moment. Genuinely, when I got my results through I incessantly checked my portal for days after in fear that it might change. It didn't change, and I'm still a bit shook.

Another big life-y change is that I've decided to stay in Aberdeen for another year and have moved into the most beaut flat with my boyfriend which also still feels like a bit of a pinch - me - please dream. It's been going so well, I've spent far too much money on fluffy rugs, copper homewares and candles but I'm so happy and content.

After the stress of fourth year I decided that I wanted to do it all over again and I'm now currently studying a Masters in Marketing Management. Totally different, but something I'm excited about and although I really enjoyed my honours years of my degree (first and second year not so much - okay I really do need to do a uni related post) I found that the graduate options history presented to me overwhelmingly vast but also weirdly quite confining.

There was so many potential paths to go down that I kind of just felt a bit frazzled by what one I should choose. I almost wanted someone to say to me "Emily, do this!", which, unless you have Dance Mom-esque pushy parents, obviously, they're not. I've always had an interest in business and so my inner geek is excited to get my teeth into something new and hopefully come out of it with a more of a clue on what career path I want to pursue.

I think there's so much pressure when you graduate to have a life plan and I just didn't, and that's okay. I'd hate nothing more than to give into the pressure to find your forever job at the age of twenty one only to find out I fucking despise it five years down the line and waking up every morning with a feeling of dread for the day ahead.

So blog-wise, I'm going to try, and don't quote me on it, but to post once a week. I love writing and I love having somewhere just to be a bit creative. You might have noticed there's a new name, Makeup and Making It Up. I didn't realise when I first made my blog quite how many other "Edits" there was and so I've ditched "EVHXO Edit" in favour of something that makes me cringe just that little bit less and basically sums up quite nicely the life of a makeup obsessed millennial trying to navigate their way through post-uni life and "the big bad world" that everyone so unenthusiastically welcomes you to once you cross that stage, manuscript in hand. Content wise, I want to be more article based on topics on a whole load of things, I basically just want to write the blog I'd like to read. My last post, A Postcard From Paris, was one of my most widely received and so I' m thinking maybe more city guides and posts dedicated to things I'm doing.

Emily  x


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