A lil whirl around Central London

I'm lucky enough to have family who don't live too far at all from London and each time we visit, we usually manage to squeeze in a day in the city. I bloody love London, and this time we had just a few hours that mainly revolved round perusing Selfridges, eyeing up dreamy bags and drinking cocktails, so I thought I'd share a few photos and recommendations as I always love reading these kind of posts!

We started off the day in Selfridges, aka the mothership. If you haven't ever been to Selfridges then a) who are you and b)you must. Its probably one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences ever, I'd quite happily spend a whole day in there. 

We perused the bag section and ogled over our dream bags (hey, Givenchy Antigona and YSL Sulpice or College bag - I'm not fussy x). We then had a wander round the beauty hall because OF COURSE duh, I was particularly excited to have a look at Huda Beauty and Anstasia Beverly Hills counters as I don't have either near me. 

Dreamy marble vibes

A gal can dream!

The girls at ABH were literally beyond lovely, and even managed to make my entirely asymmetrical, second-cousins-twice-removed-never even met, yet alone "sisters not twins" brows look SLIGHTLY THE SAME! Obviously treated myself, I got the dip-brown pomade - which I've added to my Cult Beauty basket on so many occasions but to'd and fro'd about what shade I should go for, I'm soft brown fyi-, a new angled brush and a fleshy toned pencil for correcting but will most likely use as an eye brighter too. 

I loved browsing all the kinda "indie" brands they've got in a bit off the main beauty ball, a total beauty lovers paradise if you want something that's a little different from the usual brands. Like The Ouai, Zoeva, Face Gym, and loads more. 

Obviously had a browse round the food hall too - another selfridges must.

We walked back down Oxford Street and towards Victorias Secret but tbh I actually came out empty handed an it was hella busy, dark, and gave me 2010 queuing outside a dark Hollister only to get inside and hate every minute of it, let alone actually be able to see/touch anything kinda vibes. 

If hadn't gone there though, we probably wouldn't have ended up at Mews of Mayfair, the cutest fairy-lit, back alley (not in the dodgy kinda way) for some cocktails.

Kinda place where you half expect a celeb to walk in and I was here for it

After, we headed for a browse around Carnaby Street which I can't believe I'd never actually visited before! Definitely on my list of places to go back to. 

Carnaby believe I've never been here before (ha)

There was so many food options here, but we settled on Flat Iron. My Mum had heard good reviews and we were intrigued to try a steak place that was so affordable! It was really nice, definitely not the best steak you'll ever eat but still super yum and the sides and drinks were really lovely too -  a good option for a not too crazily priced steak I'd say and quick, if that's what you're after.

Flat iron steak, creamed spinach, aubergine bakes and ofc chips because what is steak without some form of potato?!

And that's it, a few hours in London! If you have any recommendations for me, let know for next time!


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