Rediscovering Nars

A quick post from me, but thought I'd try and mix things up a bit and start posting a combination of longer, more article-y posts and quick-fire ones. We consume information so quickly these days I want to do fast, snapshot posts for you rapid scrollers and searchers, and then longer posts for those who fancy a bit more of a read. So here goes today's: rediscovering Nars in three hundred and thirty five words...

Whilst none of these products are new, I recently bought them again after I'd sort of neglected Nars generally. 

I used to use quite a bit from the brand, in fact as a total sixteen year old makeup junkie a Nars lipgloss was always in my bag and school blazer pocket, I distinctively remember "Angelica", a bubblegum pink, a staple and one I repurchased! The most un-me colour now but sixteen year old wore that shit like it was going out of fashion. What she also loved was a bit of Nars Sheer glow and laguna bronzer. Seven years on and I decided to re-pucharse some bits and thought I'd give a quick review!

Bloody love it. Don't be deceived be the "sheer" in the name, it's more of a medium buildable coverage I'd say. Lovely glow, as the name does suggest, and actually lasts the day on me unlike other dewy finish foundations that I usually have to powder and setting spray the life out of to get to last. Also perfect golden tones for those like me who love a bit of fake tan but struggle to get a shade to match.

Another love! Creamy, nice coverage, no cakiness and doesn't settle into lines whatsoever, with a nice  glow. Only gripe would be that for me, the applicator doesn't apply much product, a real first world problem I know.

Why I stopped using this I do not know. Blendable, perfect warm bronzy tone, with a lil bit of shimmer and doesn't go patchy whatsoever. I've used it both for contouring and bronzing!

Ty to sixteen year old me for spending every penny I had on boujee makeup because Rimmel dream matte mousse just wasn't cutting it for me and for subsequently discovering some now firm favourites. Maybe bubblegum pink gloss will be making a comeback, who knows.. What have you rediscovered?


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