Dating Yourself

I take the concept of dating myself very seriously. I often joke that I'm my own dream boyfriend because planning romantic nights in, except with just me myself and I, are my jam. 

It's an anecdote as old as time that when you're single, it's important to value the time you spend by yourself. You can, of course, do this when in a relationship too, in fact, I think finding time to spend alone is mega important regardless, but as a single lil pringle, it's something I do often - date me.

It's proper self-care, but not in the solely preening and pampering way, it's about doing things that make you feel good. I think we're all guilty of sometimes resisting the urge to luxuriate in things that serve little other purpose than to make us feel great, but I personally noticed the tendency to neglect indulging in myself more whilst single.

You might feel, like me, that once single, there was a less of a point to self-care. Side note: if you do, I massively recommend reading Florence Given's "Women Don't Owe You Pretty" which cemented in me even further the importance of looking, and feeling, good for you, and you only. Anyway, throw lockdown into the mix and anyone can see how it might be easy to neglect yourself a little bit. But finding enjoyment in doing things purely for you, purely to feel great, is actually pretty bloody empowering. 

Here's a few ideas for dating yourself this lockdown ✨

Big Long Walks with a Podcast: I listened to Diary of A CEO (one of my absolute top podcast picks) interview with Krissy Cela yesterday and it left me feeling mega inspired. I also love The Girls Bathroom and The Recipts for some girl chat

Yoga: I've been doing yoga classes for a few months now, but just discovered Yoga with Adriene on Youtube and a half hour yoga-ing will always make me feel fab

Cooking: Trying a new recipe with a glass of wine and the kitchen to myself is always gives good vibes

A Boujee Bath: A boujee bath is the one where you get every candle you own lit, pour a glass of something nice and dig out the products you "save for best", just because. Spend at least an hour, without your phone, relaxing and doing any of those little beauty rituals you might not always make time for.


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