Crystal in Beauty: The Products You Need

Crystals are popping up everywhere at the moment, and what started with jade and quartz rollers has now extended to products themselves. Whilst personally, I haven't seen any physical results or notice anything in terms of energy/spiritual effect from using my jade roller (I did, however, purchase mine off Amazon and it squeaks every time it rolls so *may* not be the creme de la creme of jade rollers) keeping it in the freezer and using it once every morning makes for the most cooling, relaxing, and rather luxe-feeling morning skincare routine. Even if, like me, you've got a squeaky, bit shit version that is in the same vain as the smoothie maker and new gym trainers you've also recently bought - all of which have been purchased in a late-night Amazon haul, fuelled by an attempt to make your life feel that little bit more together.

Whilst my experience hasn't been anything ground-breaking, crystal seems to be very much be "of the moment" in the beauty world.

A fad or a genuine game-changer? Let me know your thoughts!

1) Yu Ling Roller Jade Roller - £26
Probably a lot better than my squeaky Amazon purchase.
2) Amazon Jade Roller - £9.99 
Just if you did fancy a squeaky roller that although doesn't do an awful lot, feels unreal in the morning.
3) Pixi Rose Quartz Soothing Oil - £24 
A Pixi lover already so I have every faith this will be lovely.
4) Herbivore Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish - £43
A lot boujier than my usual choice of exfoliator but given it's combined with epsom salts I imagine the most relaxing bath with this.
5) Glossier Haloscope Highlighter - £18
Highlighter with added genuine crystal extracts and an oil, hydrating core? Lush.


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