About Me

I'm Emily, a twenty-four year old with a penchant for makeup and macaroni cheese. Put simply, I made this little corner of the internet as a place for me to share my thoughts on things, whether that be makeup, food, life - basically anything. I'm an avid blog reader myself, an after reading many others for so many years I thought I'd make a space of my own. I want to write about general chatter, life, beauty and anything in between for the intelligent millennial woman. 

A bit about me. I'm originally from Scotland and have spent the past five years studying a History degree, and more recently, decided to inflict just a little (read: a lot) more stress in my life by staying on to study a masters in Marketing Management. I've loved it, and dream of working in a marketing role in London. I work part-time as sales consultant on a beauty counter and doing social media for small businesses - so this last twelve months, I've been a pretty busy bee. Outside of that, I love Netflix, spending time my favourite humans, and gin, scattered with occasionally trying to force myself to the gym.


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