LOCKSdown: Is Hair Care the New Skin Care?

About a year or so ago, I remember reading a beauty trends report that predicted a real boom in the haircare category. I wish I could remember where, but the author likened the rise in hair care to that of the recent skincare boom, where consumers look to implement routine and multiple products into their haircare routines. 

We've seen the likes of Drunk ElephantThe Inkey List and The Ordinary branch into haircare, and #hairtok is a booming corner of Tik Tok filled with user's showing their haircare routines, product recommendations and no-heat hair hacks.

If you'd taken a peek into my shower twelve months ago, you'd have found an Aussie shampoo and conditioner that I'd probably picked up on a supermarket shop, with little to no fuss over what I was using. Now? The shower shelf is now lined with a whole Olaplex lineup and my hair, admittedly, feels and looks healthier than ever. 

Whilst I think the haircare boom was a-coming, the pandemic has certainly played its part in driving the category. Prolonged periods without hairdressers has consumers looking to give themselves a hair treat at home and extra time on our hands has given optimal for time for extra self-care steps. Mask wearing has us covering half our faces, but it doesn't have us covering up our shiny locks. Weekly masking and oiling (I've been slathering on an Olaplex No 3/Morrocan Oil concoction and sleeping with it in a slicked back bun - Slip's Silk Scrunchies work great for holding your bun in place) fits in perfectly in our search for at-home rituals we can fit in to the mundane of lockdown life. Plus, as we continue to commit much our lives to feeling, and looking, healthy, we may be turning our attention to our hair as a visual representation of the two. 

Locks to think about.

I thought I'd share a few of my personal favourite lockdown lock loving choices.. 



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