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The Future of Influencer Brands

I recently fell prey to the Refy Beauty hype, and it got me asking myself, what makes us buy into an influencer brand? Founded in 2019 by Instagram influencer Jess Hunt, Refy Beauty is the perfect assimilation of Hunt’s Instagram aesthetic and her, undisputedly, incredible eyebrows. Bringing back Cara Delevigne circa 2012 vibes, its no surprise Hunt’s first launch focussed on her three stage brow routine, that consumers could buy individually, or as part of the collection.  The chic, monochromatic packaging has been in the hands, and brows, of almost everybody who's anybody on the Instagram platform. I really liked the products, the Brow Sculpt I will most definitely purchase again, and as a beauty lover, really enjoyed the ingenuity of someone bringing something a bit different to the market. The brow sculpt has a built in, concealed brush that after applying the product, can be used to fluff up the brows and the pomade is cleverly pressed into the lid of an angled brow brush

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