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Eye See You, Clinique 96 Hour Hydro Filler Eye Concentrate

So the product may have a bit of a mouthful of a name, but I'm totally obsessed with Clinique's newest eye addition. It's no secret they are one of my favourite skincare brands, nor is my love for the Moisture Surge range a surprise to anyone. So I knew I was going to love this from the get-go. 

Confession time, I was rather lazy when it came to eye-cream. It's one of those products I knew I should be using, but was I? Not really. It felt like a bit of an unnecessary step despite my awareness that it's a much neglected part of the face for so many, I'd use it every now and again but never really as a skincare routine staple.
However, since using this, I've become a total eye cream addict. The gel texture of this, much like the rest of the moisture surge franchise is addictive and I'm now onto my second bottle and find myself slathering it on morning and night. It feels cooling, isn't heavy, makes my concealer sit so much better and has so many adde…

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