Why I No Longer Save Anything "For Best"

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If there's anything I've learnt in the past few months it's that nothing, absolutely nothing, should be "saved for best." In fact, that phrase will never be uttered from my mouth ever again. Now don't worry, I'm not getting all deep and philosophical on you just yet, I am talking about this sense of saving for best in a beauty context. 

You know the products - the one's you splurged on, treated yourself to in a late night, pay day fuelled, Cult Beauty splurge. The ones a loved one gifted to you. The fuck it, I don't really need it as such, but oh boy, do I want it. The one you've had your eye on for a while and within seconds of that "look who's back in stock" email illuminating your phone lock screen you've added to cart, checked out, and are pre-planning tomorrow night's pamper sesh accordingly. 

These products, they're almost never ones that you use daily. Those ones, in my mind anyway, are essentials and therefore warrant regular use. For me, they're the pamper ones. They require adding a little extra step to your routines and your rituals, and when added, oh, do you notice it. They require a little extra attention, not only in their actual use in the bath-time, PM skincare line up (maybe a little extra scrubbing, dousing, lotion-ing etc), but in the "Oh, I know what I'll use" cloud of thought to float across your mind. They feel almost mischievous. 

They exist in a makeup sense, too. And again, they're the products that make you feel your best self, but take that little extra nudge to actually use. You're thrusting it into the hand of your pal while spending hours getting ready for the night,- "You must try, it's a bit spenny, but it's so worth it!" Or, you've got a date, and [insert name of your save for best product] is guaranteed to make you feel your best, glowy, goddess like self.

You get it, you know the ones. Mine? The Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée bath soak, my Aromatherapy Associates oils, Diptyque candles, Hourglass primer. The list could go on. 

But anyway, whilst we might not, sadly, have nights with our besties and cocktails and dates at the moment, we do still have those products that we turn to that make us feel our best selves. They're probably sat right now on your bathroom shelf or deep down in depths of your makeup collection. So this now, is your sign, to dust them off, stop saving them for best, acknowledge how bloody great they make you feel, acknowledge how bloody great YOU are, and get using them. And get on with your day, or your night, spurred on by a little bit of "I'm absolutely not saving this for best, right now IS best" attitude. 

It's a whole mood. Thank me later x 


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