The Re-Purchases - Skincare

You know those products, that you would just buy over and over and over again. The total no brainers. The ones (that if you do ever) cheat on you hate yourself for because nothing is ever quite as good. Well I have quite a few of these and because they're such a permanent part of my skin care routine I don't talk about them much either on here on over on my Instagram. So I've put together a lil list of my re-purchases that I will buy again and again - I will add, my skin is a very dry-combination and eczema prone!

1) Clinique Take The Day Off 

I'll admit it, this is one I have cheated on because there are so many balm-oil cleansers on the market but I will always come back to this. I've gone through tubs and tubs and tubs of this stuff because it really is just fab. Nothing just takes everything off - and I mean everything - quite as effortlessly and quickly as this and leaves your skin feeling so soft. It's a lazy gals dream and something I always recommend to girls using makeup wipes to remove their makeup because this does it just as quickly with a warm flannel and so much better!

2) Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator

Another Clinique pick and another OG product, Moisture Surge. The texture of this is addictive, like you honestly just want to bathe your entire face (and body tbh) in it. It's so hydrating (goes without saying really) and smoothes like no other, feels almost cooling on the skin and makes the perfect skin prep step pre-makeup.

3) Pixi Glow Tonic

Another one I'll purchase time and time again is Pixi's Glow Tonic. I didn't realise what s staple part of my skincare routine this actually was until I left it behind at my boyfriend's house and had to go a whole week without it. My skin had texture, I was breaking out and just generally looked a bit, meh. I knew there was a reason I use this daily and have done for about three or so years now, but stopping using made me realise just why. I will, however, say the key with Pixi tonics is consistency, and using them daily really does give results - so give it time! Also, if you're using it daily, use re-usable cotton pads rather than throwaway ones to do your bit for the planet!

4) Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Ughhh, it's the best second cleanse. I've tried using this to remove makeup and it does not cut it, but as a second cleanse, all the yes'. As the name suggests, it has this sort of jelly texture to it that just makes the nicest cleanse either post makeup removal or first thing in the morning and doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped. It's lightly scented but my skin just love this stuff! Glossier also very often have influencer/affiliate discount codes which is fab for my fellow budget babes.

5) Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops

The fake tan that doesn't feel anything like a fake tan. There's no biscuit smell, no bedsheet transfer, no streaks. Literally just add a few drops (I usually use 3/4 daily or go down to every second night if I feel a bit dry) and voila, glowy, bronzed skin. I also should add, that these work like a dream with Clinique Moisture Surge! I usually use these on my face but have mixed a few drops with moisturiser and used on the body for a natural glow.

6) Origins Out of Trouble Ten Minute Rescue Mask

I wouldn't go as far to consider myself a "problem skin" but more the few breakouts every now and again. It's usually hormone related and so typically cheeks/chin and nothing terrible but enough to make think "wtf is going on with my skin at moment" as it's those sort of periodical breakouts. This, however, is my not-so-secret (it's one of those products that I'll always recommend to any friends that are suffering a bit of a breakdown) skin saver because it just calms everything down. I find after using it my skin immediately looks and feels de-congested and the day after using, I usually see things start to clear up. I do usually leave it on longer than the recommended ten minutes, probably more around twenty and try to use once or twice a week to keep on top of it!


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