Sustainable Beauty: Three Easy Hacks

I've been trying, where I can, to cut down on plastic/waste. Here's a few lil (very simple) changes that I've switched up in my beauty routine to make it slightly less wasteful!

1) Re-Usable Cotton Pads

I've swapped out my throwaway cotton pads for these re-usable ones and haven't looked back. Using products such as my favourite Pixi Glow Tonic, Retinol Tonic and Alpha H's Liquid Gold once, sometimes twice, a day meant I was getting through my fair share of cotton pads but was totally naive to that fact that this was accumulating a lot of waste. I mean, duh. So, for about the past twelve months now I've instead been using these washable ones from Amazon which come with a cute lil bag to pop them in to wash. I just chuck them in the washing machine with my clothes and let them dry and they work just as well. 

2) Bamboo Cotton Buds

Instead of using the ones with the plastic bit, these bamboo ones are exactly the same, yet more earth friendly. I personally don't use these daily anyway, but considering they are a throwaway item, using cotton buds sans the plastic are way more sustainable and biodegradable too!

3) Face Halo/Flannels

This is one for you makeup wipe gals! Not only are wipes terrible for your skin anyway, but wipes in general are incredibly damaging for the planet. For those of you that use them, try swapping them out for products like Face Halo - reusable, makeup removing, micro-fibre pads that somehow work amazingly to remove to makeup with only water. I'd always follow up using these with a cleanser, personally, but as an alternative to makeup wipes, these work great. Also, they're fab for removing face masks too!

I've mentioned this on here before, but makeup melting cleansing balms such as my much loved Clinique Take The Day Off Balm or Glam Glow's Galacticleanse couldn't be quicker, or easier, to melt away all your makeup and then remove with the swipe of a warm flannel and again, are so much better for the environment (and your skin will thank you too!)

Three seriously simple, sustainable swaps (um, alliteration queen over here) that work just as effectively but will help you be that little bit more planet friendly!


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