Glossier London

Last Friday I entered Glossier, London - the most aesthetically pleasing shopping experience to date. I'd never had the chance to see Glossier products in the flesh, the few I've tried I'd bought online and so I knew that a visit to the pop-up in London had to happen. 

Located on Floral Street in Covent Garden, the spacious store contains three Glossier filled rooms. And I don't just mean the products, it's a branding dream. Everything from the mirrors, to the carpets, to the chairs, are branded. All the girls working there wore millennial pink utility suits and white Reeboks and all just looked, so Glossier. 

Once you've swatched to your millennial heart's content, you find one of the Glossier girls who each have an iPad and select the products the wish to purchase and they take a card payment there and then. I didn't think parting with my money could have been any easier than an Amazon three-click "oh fuck that was quick" purchase, but it turns out it can be even easier. 

Once you've purchased, you go through to the final yellow room and take a lil seat until a girl magically appears in a hole in the wall with a paper bag full of you purchases and shouts your name. It's basically like a very cool Argos - and I mean that in the nicest way possible!

Purchase wise, I was fairly restrained with it being Christmas coming up I'm trying to save buuuuut I did come home with a few sneaky new bits to try. I went for the Birthday Balm Dot Com which I can now say I'm actually addicted to using, Bubblewrap eye cream which is so hydrating yet lightweight and the packaging may be the cutest eye cream packaging ever, a cloud paint in Dusk, and lastly, a bottle of their new Future Dew (review pending). 

If you're around Covent Garden I'd definitely pay a visit to Glossier before it goes. It's a fab shopping experience and if you're a total brand/marketing geek like me, so interesting to see how they've bought the predominantly online based brand to life.


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